January 21st, 2018


We were given a STRONG foundation.  Government, OUR Government is a gift of God.

Now WE need to turn back and begin a new!

God tells us explicitly what the purpose of civil government really is to be:

"For Rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Will thou then not be afraid of authority? Do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same..." (Romans 13: 3).

Put simply, the purpose of civil government, as ordained by God - according to Romans 13 -  is to punish criminal activity ... not PROMOTE IT.

Here, in this EBOOK- Delivered Instantly to your inbox-  you will find the PROOF that America was founded a Christian nation. This was NOT just a Christian presence ... WE WERE GIVEN A VERY STRONG CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION.

You will see the powerful proofs... showing America's heritage side by side with the passages of Scripture that influenced the decisions of our Forefathers in The Hebrew Republic

Here is the record ... Read the testimony of our forefathers

  "Of Storms, Hail and Floods" 
America's Experience and the "God of Battles" 
The now famous audio that goes far beyond anything you have ever heard about God's Providential care of the colonies in the War for Independence. We've all heard of the fog that saved Washington's army. But, what of the Atlantic storms that stopped British fleets...the blizzard that saved the cause in the New Jersey campaign, the tides that didn't come in, the rains and floods that demoralized British Tory resolve! Here it is by special permission... Yours today with this special offer. But don't wait. This offer will not last!
       The stories ... all true...that tell "the history" of the principled stand for Liberty.
These are events most Americans have never heard of...

There's "Henry"... broken hearted. Looking at his beloved with who through no fault of her own, she was bound of necessity in a strait jacket of that day and confined to a room he had specially prepared for her.

Brokenhearted, he stood as he watched her alternately shriek and laugh, cry miserably and then angrily mock everything in maddening, meaningless cries. Her bondage was too much for him... He wept for her - his beloved wife.

Not too long afterwards, "Henry" stood in St. John's Church in Richmond looking out over the crowd who anxiously awaited the great oratory of the renowned statesman of the day... With memories of his late wife... and the horrors of her bondage...

Patrick Henry delivered the most famous speech in American...

"Is life so dear or peace to sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give me Liberty or give me death!"

There's the Anglican minister Wendell Bird, who in the 19th century invented the "Deism" of George Washington (and others) with this statement....
The American Republic
One Example Among Thousands to Cite

The state papers of the Continental Congress expressed the deep sentiments of the Christian system of governance and law.  those state papers were remarkable for the repeated utterances that demonstrated their complete dependence upon the Presence and Authority of Jesus Christ. Under the Great Seal of State, official documents included statements like the following...


" the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ to obtain forgiveness and

  pardon for sins”

   “that pure and undefiled religion may be universally diffused;”

   “that vice and your religion may be banished, and virtue impiety establish      by grace”

   “that the nation may be made a holy nation"

   "that the religion of our divine Redeemer, with all its benign influences,           they cover the earth as the water do the sea;”

   "that God would grant to his church the plentiful effusions of divine grace,      pride is Holy Spirit upon all ministers of the gospel;”

   “that he will establish independence of these United States by the basis of     religion and virtue,”     

   “diffuse and establish habits of sobriety, order, morality, and piety;”

   that He would “take under His guardianship all schools and seminaries of        learning, make them nurseries of virtue, piety,  and cause pure religion          and virtue to flourish” and…

   "that the Lord would “fill the world with His glory.”

Read the stories (true histories) most Americans would NEVER dream could possibly be true. Get this Ebook today! 

A visitor from France - the great scholar, Alexis d'tocqueville visited the young  American Republic and wrote of the glory of the young Republic

He remarked that the men who penned the great documents of our beginnings handled questions and solved problems of civil government that, in many cases, had never been raised - let alone solved - before in the history of nations, including that great and prestigious body, the Imperial Senate of Rome.

But, d'Tocqueville pointed out... THAT was not the most remarkable thing about what our Forefathers accomplished.
"What was really remarkable, indeed, the most remarkable thing", he wrote, "...was that they were all from the same generation!"
In other words, there was a common "fountain" of wisdom from which they all drew their thinking... the churches of the era.

Their churches repeatedly drew reference to the precepts God gave for the rise of the Old Testament and the Hebrew Republic! Here are the major writings of the era...Everyone of them in their original form, drew upon precepts from the Inspired Word of God, including those precepts drawn from the Hebrew Republic.

  • The Westmorland County Resolutions- Organized against the Stamp Act , February, 1766
  • The Mecklenburg Declaration - May 20, 1775
  • Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress  - October, 14, 1774
  • The Declaration of Independence...  - July 4, 1776
  • The Constitution of the United States - In Convention, September 17th, 1787
  • The Bill of Rights - Ratified by the 13 States, December 15, 1791
  • An Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States North West of the River Ohio - Adopted by the Confederation Congress on July 13, 1787.

In this incredible two volumes NOW in one, you will see the final proofs - hundreds of them - showing us all that the young United States was birthed by the churches of Christ!

We were a Christian people ... with a civil government rooted in the genius of SPECIFIC biblical precept

(again, hundreds of them!).
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"Who was the Mystery Woman of Proverbs 31?"

Who was she? All throughout the churches, we marvel at the accomplishments of "The Woman of Proverbs 31." 

Christian women ask the Lord for the grace to build their homes, husbands, families and even their businesses like this woman did.

She was kind to people... She loved

Yet, nobody uses  her real name! She is revealed in Scripture...but so few take the time to track down who she was, when she lived... who was the husband whom she "kept in the gates among the elders of the land?"

This woman is a marvel of God's wonderful grace...an encouragement to all Christians...especially Christian women who admire her!

This is the book that reveals HOW God brought a woman to her knees and then raised her to create in her a "wonder" for all of us to see.

God's grace made her a walking, talking miracle of His handiwork. Here's is the work of God in a "common woman" raised by God to be a virtual "moral aristocracy"... You will be shown WHO she was, and HOW God created a powerful testimony in her for an entire nation to admire!

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Included in the Hebrew Republic are special books, including this one! And that's not all! You will be given three additional works:
  • B.F. Morris' The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States (1864)
This volume, over 1000 pages of documentation, showing from the archives of the Republic up until 1864, the extensive number of government documents, historic events, key acts of individuals, decisions of great  men and women... great issues upon which turned the career of a young nation... all showing God's Hand in the affairs of our country!

             There is NOTHING like this volume... illustrating the powerful impact of the Lord and His people in the formation of the Republic.  
  • Ramseys American Revolution: The Earliest history of our War for Independence! Written in 1789 ... just 6 short years after the Peace of Paris - the Treaty with England that ended our War in victory and liberty for the new United States. Here is a
What Does the Bible Say about These Issues ... Too Often Missing in Christians and Pulpits!
This is a Report that concisely draws the line between Christian dating and the PREMARITAL biblical solutions designed to protect marriage. Courting AND God's commands concerning WHAT must accompany Courting are both addressed. 
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America's Constitutional Heritage

...As Dr. Benjamin Franklin rose to speak, the Continental Congress was quieted. As special representatives sent by each of the colonies respectively, they had affixed their signatures to the Declaration of Independence. This act was a public testimony of THEIR COLONY against the tyranny of Great Britain. Franklin paused, speaking in his usual dignified manner:
"Gentlemen... we must now all hang together or we will surely hang separately."
The Provocations leading to Tyranny: the treasons, corruption, persecutions and hardships imposed upon a people from their own "civil servants". The lessons herein are designed to teach us the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Interposition...from theory to practise... Learn the lessons of Interposition.

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The Hebrew Republic ... Constitutional Order Given by God as a Model to the Nations (including America!)

...so that all people of the earth may know thy name, to fear thee, as do thy people Israel...

The Law of the Lord was given to the Hebrews so that the frame of civil government would stand as a model for the nations of the world to study. Included in the constitutional Republic that was Israel of old, was the doctrine and ethical foundations for Interposition ...

As you will see, the Hebrew Republic was the source for understanding many of the principles of both England and America's constitutional heritage. You will be shocked to find just how much of God's framed civil governance was adopted by our colonial forebearers 

Interposition was the Biblical principle - given by God - to be used and applied to the challenges of tyranny, corruption and legal "plunder" committed in high places...the very places God commands obedience...OR...does He? 

What Can YOU Do?

If you want to DO more than just "curse the darkness", here is the place where you can increase your sphere of influence while benefitting yourself, your business (or getting customer for a business you already own), your church... in short, any interest you wish to develop!        

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